INDUSTRY - NAVBUILD Caters to Multiple Industry Need

NAVBUILD is designed in a way to handle the entire range of business requirements of multiple micro verticals of the project-centric service providers such as:

  • Builders
  • Infrastructure contractors
  • Interior decorators
  • MEP contractors
  • EPC contractors
  • Project engineering services organisations

NAVBUILD is endowed with the agility to cater to project-specific requirements as a one-stop solution that can manage all aspects of a project right from the proposal stage down to successful completion. It offers a rich range of features and functionality and can be tuned to suit the particular industry area where it is deployed. Because successful project management is imperative to any business, NAVBUILD has distinguished itself as the first-choice business solution. The visibility, flexibility, and project estimation capability of NAVBUILD along with the precise pre-scheduling projections it can present makes it a potent and reliable decision-making aid to key stake-holders and project directors.

Earned Value Analysis–The most vital information that is often sought while managing any project is the cost and schedule variance, which is liable to occur through the execution cycle at every defined milestone. NAVBUILD brings real-time visibility on earned value at every stage of the project for the key stake holders to frame and revise policies opportunely.

Work In Progress–Measuring and monitoring the WIP enables timely corrective actions to be implemented and facilitates project execution according to plans. Four of the most important project execution results are: gross margin, cash flow, change orders, and project buy-out execution (including procurement contracts). NAVBUILD sets the stage for risks to be minimized and margin enhancement opportunities to be leveraged in a proactive manner. Consequently, positive project cash flow is maximized.

Cash Flow Indicators–NAVBUILD equips you with the ability to easily and accurately determine the most crucial performance information regarding your project: whether your project is providing cash or consuming it. A projects cash position is a key measure of WIP and Profitability. Net Project Cash flow is arrived at after taking into account the net cash receipts against all cash disbursements. This result is essential for a project manager to understand whether the work program is generating cash flow for the company. It gives visibility on potential project execution problems and promoted billing and collection pertaining to projects.

Margin Variance Indicators–The calculations for margin variance compare gross margins in progressive projects, completed projects, WIP, and annual business forecasted. This big-picture approach gives the owner a distinct representation of to what extent the total work program performance is in sync with the annual plan. The general contractor can use this perspective to analyse gross margin variances by project, comparing the actual performance to the estimate for the period. Similar comparisons and analysis for the cumulative costs on the project can also be made.

Liquidity Indicators - For sustaining and propagating business successfully, the business owner must have the ability to evaluate organizational liquidity and then be able to drill down and identify which projects are providing liquidity and which are using liquidity .Once liquidity at the project level is known, an organization can adapt its processes to maximize gains, and this exactly is what NAVBUILD helps you achieve.