SOLUTION - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-on for Project Centric Business

NAVBUILD is built on top of the popular ERP Suite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which makes it the preferred choice whenever there is a demand for an end-to-end solution for project-specific needs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is feature rich in addressing the standard business functions.

The integrated development platform of NAV is designed to extend the capabilities of the project module and is responsive to customization and fine-tuning of features for meeting specific requirements, making it the most powerful, comprehensive, and focused package.

The NAVBUILD user interface is highly interactive and has the generally familiar Microsoft Outlook appearance, which makes it immediately user-friendly. The solution is readily interoperable with other Microsoft products such as MS office suites, which further enhances its usability. It supports bidirectional information exchange with MS projects, which helps users easily manage changes and effectively track schedules.

NAVBUILD's exhaustive rate analysis templates and its ability to seamlessly integrate with take-off Solution's through information exchange makes it the most versatile tool for effecting faster and accurate tendering. Project budgets that are drawn can be flexibly allotted for versioning and referred across the project cycle to closely and accurately track cost variance at any stage of the progress.

NAVBUILD helps track unapproved change orders and earned value at every stage of the project on a real-time basis to ensure achievement of planned profitability. NAVBUILD provides visibility on cash forecast and liquidity ratios, which helps manage financial inputs and demands effectively and in a proactive manner. NAVBUILD brings complete transparency and efficiency in the procurement process of the organisation.