Work Flow

NAVBUILD can help you to handle sequential and parallel work flow demands in your organisation to achieve absolute control over project budgets. Navbuild supports work flow request and authorisation over SMS makes to more effective.

Business Notification

NAVBUILD is powered by DYNATEXT a notification engine developed on top of .net which allow users to communicate adhoc, routine and exceptional informations over SMS and Email to both internal and external contacts as configured. This level of automation increases productivity and aids to build a more pro-active work culture.

Dyna Query (Query Builder)

NAVBUILD is powered by DYNAQUERY a reporting tool which allows to define table views through which reports can be designed much faster. The tool allows users to build reports which can be viewed on their move and also to schedule them to key stake holders.


NAVBUILD site management is powered by mobility. The entire site management functions can be executed through mobile and data's can get synched on a real time basis. This app helps users to efficiently perform their job and it turns the entire work environment highly productive.

Vendor Portal

This module brings extra-ordinary improvement to the supply chain and ensures highest level of transparency the process. The vendors will get notified about an opportunity to serve instantly and their prompt services will be measured and rated appropriately along with the quality standards.