Tendering as an activity demands high level of precise information's from various departments and its accuracy is highly important for the projects success. NAVBUILD helps in improving the response time for a tendering activity with much more accurate data. The quality through put with past reusable data and integration capability with take-off software's makes it very useful during this stage of the business.


NAVBUILD has the ability to establish two-way communication with Microsoft Projects and in a similar fashion can be integrated with other popular project planning tools to track schedule as planned and notify deviations. This capability of NAVBUILD ensures Change Management within a project much easier than otherwise.


With NAVBUILD the procurement process for both material and labour are managed efficiently within the planned project cost and time. NAVBUILD ensures procurements are done within budget and timeline from the authorised vendor through a clearly automated procurement process. Any exceptions are managed through a defined workflow and accounted under change orders.


Outsourcing jobs and overseeing them effectively executed, demands high level of transparency right from the selection process of the vendor till actual audit and work completion certification process. NAVBUILD automates the end to end process in managing a sub-contractor and provides options to extend the application to the vendor for better governance.

Site Management

Unlike early days today establishing connectivity between a site office and corporate office is not a challenge. NAVBUILD offers multiple channels to automate the site management business activities. The site users can use mobile app or web portal to record their indents, receipt , issue and measurement books apart from a web client , these options helps the site users to be in line with the organisation goal and the corporate offices gain real time visibility on the progress of the project.

Project Finance

One gains complete visibility of cash forecast required while executing a project by using NAVBUILD. Right from Project Cost definition and WIP booking during the project NAVBUILD offers great control in the way business is run. NAVBUIL D can streamline revenue recognition against work done , regulate cash flow, and other statutory compliance as its tightly integrated.

Quality Management

This module enforces governance on defined processes and compliance for better productivity and achievement of value creation through a transaction in a business. The customer here can set parameters required based on his business demands against which the check will be done across transactions to maintain quality across defined processes.

Customer Relation Management

NAVBUILD can help to define and track marketing campaigns, and also to measure its performance. Customer engagement touch points across the life cycle results in improved customer satisfaction and enables to cross sell and up sell in an appropriate time and in an efficient manner.


NAVBUILD Payroll maintains multiple pay-group and break-ups for each pay group to do the pay process without hassle. This module covers attendance management, leave management, salary arrears calculation, bonus calculation, statutory deductions if any and generation of payslip.