INDUSTRY - NAVBUILD Caters to Multiple Industry Need


The success of EPC projects depend, on highly effective project management techniques which can aid to execute a project within schedule and cost planned. Since the scale of the projects are generally massive, its critical that real time information flows between key stakeholders who make the best of decision for the project to succeed.

The major reasons attributing to schedule and cost overruns are primarily poor material and labour supply chain management. Besides weak supply chain management, unapproved change orders, late approvals and poor vendor co-ordinations also results in disasters.

Understanding the need NAVBUILD offers functionalities like :

  • Two way Integration with MS Project
  • Vendor Portal
  • Seamless work flow
  • Connected Site Management - Mobile & Web
  • Effective Business Notification
  • Tight Governance on Project Budgets

All these results in efficient procurement cycle to get material on time, quality and within cost as planned. Two-way MS Project Integration aids in managing schedule overruns against the work committed and tracks any unapproved change order resulting to schedule overruns.


Running a profitable construction business is a highly difficult task , Faced with an unprecedented number of external pressures such as eroding profit margins, rapidly changing technology and a dwindling workforce, the industry demands best practices to achieve a higher return on their investment.

The need for an integrated software platform, which enables tighter collaboration between key business drivers, is imperative. Connecting the dotted lines and overlaying industry best practices to bring in the checks and balances to be within the budget and schedule is highly important.
NAVBUILD offers the following functionalities to match the demands of the industry :

  • Accurate Tendering through Take-off Software Integration and Rate Analysis Templates
  • Templates for faster BoQ definition
  • Integration of BoQ with Project Schedule
  • Two-way MS Project Integration to manage Schedule Changes
  • Transparent Procurement Process with or without B2B portal
  • Sub-Contractor Management and M-Book Readiness for Quality Audit
  • Multiple billing modes - Progressive & Time and Material
  • WIP Calculation at every stage of the project
  • KPI visibility
    • Earned Value
    • Cash Forecast
    • Liquidity Ratio
    • Margin Variance Indicators
    • Unapproved Change Order Indicators

By implementing NAVBUILD a fully integrated ERP solution for construction industry, one can capture and disseminate important Key performance indicators across process, projects, and organisation to make more informed decisions to succeed.


The industry is evolving with the advent of newer technology which has helped them to shorten the project lifecycle compared early days. Unlike residential construction, companies involved in executing infrastructure projects are specialised in one or more than one micro vertical depending upon the size of the organisation. Thus the need for planning has lot of variation from micro vertical to vertical and thus the challenges in executing the project.

Since NAVBUILD is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a global standard platform, highly flexible to handle such demands. The tendering module allows you to have multiple rate analysis templates to suit the need of each and every micro vertical and we can define set rules for each of the micro vertical.

NAVBUILD's asset management module helps in effective planning, movement, optional hire and maintenance of equipment. The measurement book facility can help to record the progress and raise bills against progress or on approval of milestone achievements at ease. The vendor portal and site portal collaborates for better supply chain and inventory management across the work locations and ensures effective progress of the projects as planned.

Project Engineering Service Organisation

There are lot of organisation which are involved in project drives services which either maintain a ship, or assist rigging organisation with pipe line drawings and otherwise. The demands are one and the same ie completing a task in a prescribed quality at a pre-defined schedule and cost. These organisations get a detailed drawing against which they offer such services.

The quotes for such services consist of pre-dominantly resources - unskilled & skilled labours' time. The projects start on a Time and Material Basis and can evolve into a fixed bid or combination of both depending upon the technicality involved in the job.

With NAVBUILD, project servicing organisations can be effectively automated to outperform in the market. NAVBUILD can enable the customers line the following areas :

  • Tendering For Opportunities
  • Manage Capacity of Skilled Resources
  • Record Timesheets of Skilled Resources
  • Bill both for progressive and milestone engagements
  • Effective sub-contract Management and
  • Change Order Management
Interior Designing

Interior designing is a flourishing business and demands remarkable creative resources with a strong possibility thinking abilities. The industry is yet to get standardised in terms of best practises and is still adapting that of construction industry.

Unlike the civil construction, this industry do not have standard BoQ and variations among each order is very high; Since interior design is a highly subjective area and each client's needs are very different from other. Client needs to approve each item before procurement and before installation and commissioning as well.

The change order management is quite often and managing them effectively if the key factor for success. The movement of assets across work locations and the maintenance of the same are too important as their project lifecycle's are comparably very short. So this industry require high amount of project management efficiency and creating tenders with lot of assumptions in mind.

NAVBUILD Value proposition for this industry is :

  • Rate Analysis Templates for Accurate Tendering
  • Quote comparison during Tendering
  • Vendor Management Portal
  • Work Force Capacity Planner
  • Asset Movement and Tracking
  • Measurement Book
  • Unapproved Change Order Management and
  • Finance Integration

In the case of Energy industry, building of generation & distribution infrastructure is a case of Industrial construction, where the usual challenges of planning, execution, monitoring mirror those of the Infrastructure industry.

Once the Energy installation is operational, the focus shifts tOperations & Maintenance (O & M) aspects.

The Asset Management module of NAVBUILD addresses this segment with various features such as:

  • Asset Acquisition
  • Spares for assets
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Break-down Maintenance
  • In-house or 3rd party maintenance processes
  • Costing of maintenance activities