The top 4 types of software that Fit-Out organizations must try

The top 4 types of software that Fit-Out organizations must try


The top 4 types of software that Fit-Out organizations must try


Technology has become the major driving force behind the Interior Fit-Out and General Contracting industry. It has accelerated business opportunities by providing seamless connectivity, helping conduct fit-out projects to be completed effectively and efficiently.

Civil & Interior and Fit-Out contractors today are faced with several challenges, including internal and external ones. Whether it’s price fluctuations for materials, customer design demands complex procurements or project management. This complex work process can be challenging without a software platform in place. An intelligent computing model, it has effectively reduced downtime errors. Software systems provide solutions from a single point of truth by giving a consolidated view of the workflow and leveraging the return on investment. From building visualization to on-site management, it streamlines the workplace by bringing real-time communication for the fit-out companies.


To have a competitive edge and to sustain in the long run, it is a must to eliminate time consuming manual processes and significantly invest in digital solutions that will provide data-driven insights. Let’s delve further to know the available software solutions and how they are helping to reshape the fit-out industry.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) software

BIM software is used throughout the planning to design phase in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. It is a software platform with intuitive features and customized templates that allow real-time collaboration and provide end-to-end services. It has different dimensions, where a particular kind of data gets lined up with an information model. 3D and 6D models are more beneficial for fit-out firms. 3D BIM is useful in sharing information to build 3D models. And 6D BIM, otherwise called integrated BIM, is used for cost efficiency in project lifecycle information


BIM acts as a virtual world. It lets clients visualize the space to make their decisions confidently and provides a complete overview of the project to build an accurate model and follow it up with the correct construction sequence. With the help of BIM data, we can relay accurate estimates, provides visibility, and ensures the prefabrication stage runs smoothly and on budget for Fit-Out contractors.


Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)

ERP solution quickens the workflow process and elevates your business performance by re-engineering solutions. For fit-out businesses, a cloud-based ERP will offer real-time information and boost employee productivity. It will be cost-effective as data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, by eliminating on-premises systems.


Industry-ready ERP solution, like NAVBUILD, provides much more! It can manage your fit-out projects seamlessly by appropriately allocating resources while ensuring that fit-out contractors are tighter monitoring project deliverables & materials, and costs, and are no more troubled with data silos. It is a pre-configured ERP solution where you can easily track your project budget and update data. It integrates the crucial functionalities of the Interior Fit-Out industry and empowers companies to have maximum revenue.


Project Management Software

When handling multiple fit-out projects with varying time constraints, project management software comes to the rescue. The software platform comes with valuable tools that allow you to manage projects of all sizes, whether small or big.


Today, the fit-out contractors are working on multiple projects across locations with multiple stakeholders including MEP, HVAC, Subcontractors and vendors, PMCs, and thereby project management software, designed for Civil & Interior and Fit-Out Contractors is incredibly helpful and Complex projects can now be better procured and delivered. NAVBUILD, designed to manage both Design-bid-build and Bid-build allows you to track project progress, schedule tasks, manage subcontractors, collaborate across site team and project stakeholders and offer significant improvements in Productivity.


Workflow management software

In fit-out firms exercising control over documents, internal processes, approvals, managing the exceptions and Billing often gets overburdening. Usually, manually carrying out vendor contract processes, amendments, and tracking the change orders and approvals can be frustrating and error-prone. Workflow management software helps fit out organizations to run business processes smoothly and make informed decisions on time.

Designed for Fit-out, Refurbishment Projects and MEP/HVAC, NAVBUILD, a built-in Enterprise workflow and notification engine offers connected business processes to track jobs, speed up approvals, documents control, manage the exceptions in real time for informed decisions, and thereby save time, and cost and increase productivity and efficiency.



Equipped with the right software platform, the fit-out industry can look forward to implementing an intelligent system to enhance operational processes. But it’s essential to learn what software fits your business needs without incurring heavy expenditure and spending time and effort. In that case, you must select an all-in-one integrated ERP platform like NAVBUILD, an industry-ready ERP for Interior Designers & Fit Out Contractors that automates your business processes by bringing all the above including integrating CAD/Revit with implementation expertise to the problem.



Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a modern ERP system for Fit-Out projects allows your company to streamline your process, follows the best practices, adhere to project governance, and help you oversee your company’s operations, and thereby set the foundations for your growth plans.



Are you using software for your Fit-Out/General contracting companies yet?

Developed by CETAS, the leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner and ISV Provider for Engineering & Construction Industry, NAVBUILD for Dynamics 365 Business Central, the best ERP for Fit-Out Contractors will not only transform the way you do business but will also optimize your work, map your business process based on the type of projects that you run. Contact us today for a free assessment.


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