ERP for Interior Fit-Out/Turnkey Projects?

ERP for Interior Fit-Out/Turnkey Projects?

Why Excel and Independent accounting Software Just Don’t Mix for managing Interior Fit-Out/Turnkey Projects?

Managing time, cost, resources, margin and budget is crucial to your business. The processes around those are critical to your success and the success of your clients. So why are you still putting your faith in spreadsheets & Accounting System?

Managing construction project costs on Excel and accounting system will have a profound impact upon a Projects bottom line as the construction/turnkey project cost requires the tracking of specific pieces of information like estimation, BoQ, Rate analysis, budget, budget changes, Versioning, job costing, commitments, change orders, actual and projects billing & Collections vs contract milestones.

Some of the issues faced by Project team on the excel are It Contain Errors, multiple versions, No Single View Of All Work, Adding More Time To Projects, labour intensive and No control over data. Keep in mind, the cost data does not easily reconcile with an accounting system, as all are fragmented system including your MS Projects.

The impact for your projects is significant. The wrong decision can delay a project, add additional cost or Introducing risk into your Projects. Excel has many benefits for a business – it’s a robust, adaptable tool capable of performing powerful data analyses. You wouldn’t want to get rid of it for those purposes. But it isn’t built for scheduling, automation of Projects Cost, Jobs or managing your business workflows in the same way that a purpose Built Construction ERP is.

NAVBUILD, Certified Solutions from Microsoft for Interior Fit out, Construction and Contractors have been tried and tested over years. Feedback from users and project management best practice means that what you see on the screen is what you really need to make the right decisions.

Some of the benefits by implementing the Industry ready Fit-out ERP Applications are

Complete Control over Estimation, committed Cost, Budget Vs Actual
Absolute precision in Cost, Profit, Revenues and control at the full life cycle of the project including materials and resources
Reducing the time to produce Invoice, Orders and Receivables Collections
Control and better manage your cash flow and visibility of profit real time
Manage your contracts, subcontractors, variations and claims
Centralized data availability including Historical RA helpful for effective estimation & bidding
Alerts, Notifications and Approvals for abnormalities at the earlier stage, this helps reduce losses and Risks.

This past year we helped many Interior Fit out Organization to implement Single Integrated Enterprise Solutions from Microsoft to manage the end to end life cycle of the project and automation of business process with Industry Best Practice for better operational ability to bring more efficiency, greater productivity and visibility resulting the profitability and set the foundation for Growth. Contact us today to discuss your Business transformation Initiative. Write to for the demo.

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